ask Darna, not Superman

I got a text message from one of my closest college buds and she was asking if I know of an OB-Gyn who could... uhm... "prevent something unwanted," saying that it's "an urgent, delicate situation."

My first reaction: What on earth made you think I'd know of someone who'd do that? Second: Goodness, gracious, this is one of those things you should classify as a girl thingy. Go get your sister, your room mate, the old lady who does your nails, or whoever it is that loves pink and glitters. Good thing it's through SMS and not in person, or you'd be amazed to find out how fast I can gulp down my coffee and bolt out the door.

Let me just clarify. I love her and she knows that. And I'd do things for her. But I truly hope she sent the same message to others close to her. Otherwise, I'd take offense at various different angles (Angles. I love that word :) ).

One of that has something to do with this thing called "machismo," and a respect thereof. No, feminists, don't raise your bolos just yet. I know how the word sends a signal for battle to your brains. I'm merely talking about the recognition of the certain things most guys are never comfortable discussing, and the fact that we feel awkward about these things. Things you reserve for your gay confidantes. Things like missing your period.

Another is more on the moral side. Do I look like a lust-driven rapist, a serial killer, or a perennial playboy who has produced countless spawns -- many of them masterfully terminated? Do you consider me a person who would consent to whatever it is you are contemplating to do even if I think you are not emotionally ready to handle the consequences of taking an innocent life, much more the consequences of an unsuccessful attempt at it?


But before I got carried further away... she texted again:

"It's yeast infection. Damn you."

Still... Still. It's a girl thingy. Go get Darna. Damn you.

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